Will Sugar’s Influence Be Allowed to Derail Progress in 2020?

As we enter a new decade, Florida residents are finding themselves at a pivotal crossroad: will they continue to be targets of toxic Lake Okeechobee discharges, or will state and federal water managers finally break free from the decades-long vice grip of Big Sugar and start standing up for human health and safety? In a longer than usual update, we’ve provided a synopsis of some of the most significant details and events that have led us to this critical moment in Florida water history. During most of Rick Scott’s reign as governor, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) and the Army Corps stood by in willful neglect as the coastal communities were swamped by Lake O’s nutrient-filled dirty water [...]

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City of Stuart Proposes Legal Action Against Army Corps

Can political will be infectious? We’re about to find out. This Tuesday, the City of Stuart made a strong stand towards protecting the health of its citizens. Five out of five city commissioners voted to move forward with drafting a complaint to sue the Army Corps of Engineers over their announced 2020 Lake Okeechobee management strategy. The drafted complaint will come up for a new vote during the next commission meeting scheduled two weeks from now on January 27th. On the east coast, Stuart sits at “ground zero,” downstream of Lake O where massive summertime releases have regularly robbed local residents of an otherwise paradise. Last year kicked off a statewide debate regarding the best management practices for the lake [...]

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What’s Wrong With Florida Bay?

It’s no longer news that Florida’s water management system is broken. We know that water that historically traveled south from Lake Okeechobee, rehydrating the Everglades, is instead wasted to tide in the northern estuaries thanks to operational priorities that have long favored the needs of the agricultural industry.  Along the St. Lucie and the Caloosahatchee, we’ve seen what that looks like: headline-grabbing toxic algal blooms, steep decline in critical marine habitats, economic damages including increased pressure on local businesses and deteriorating real estate values, and a general sense of alarm and confusion from local populations worried about known and unknown human health effects.  But what happens at the southern end of the system, where a chronic freshwater deficit wreaks a [...]

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New Year, New Water Warriors

On the heels of a horrific year for water, we made tremendous strides in 2019 towards securing water management that prioritizes environmental benefits for the whole Everglades ecosystem and protecting human health and safety from the dangers of toxic algae exposure. In 2020, we’re committed to taking those victories further. That means doing everything we can to advocate for management of Lake Okeechobee that mirrors operational changes made by the Army Corps last year--lowering the lake before the rainy season and protecting coastal communities from massive discharge events when cyanobacteria blooms were on the rise. That means maximum flows during the dry season west to the Caloosahatchee and south to Everglades National Park where water is so desperately needed. We’ve [...]

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New Year’s Toast From Bullsugar

Here's to you and the thousands of Bullsugar supporters who made 2019 the most promising year in a long, long journey to take back our Everglades, our rivers, our estuaries, and our health. May 2020 be known as the year we started our voyage back to the water we remember. And to all the Bullsugar supporters who deserve nothing less than the certainty that their passion and effort is making a difference and turning the tide in a battle for something truly amazing, thank you for all you've done. Happy New Year!

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Bullsugar Holiday Wish List

We made history this year. Never before has the human health impacts of toxic algae been a prime consideration for water management in South Florida. In 2019, a change in operational management by the Army Corps lowered the level of Lake Okeechobee before the rainy season, sparing the northern estuaries from another horrific toxic summer. The successful deviation inspired public discussion, political debate, and media coverage in a way it never has before. For the first time, lawmakers and agencies enter a new year with an effective blueprint not just for recognizing our water management crisis, but for solving it. We aren’t stopping there. In the coming days, a bill passed by the House ensuring dedicated federal [...]

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Happy Holidays from Bullsugar!

There is a very special group of people that choose the hard fight over the comfort of the sidelines every year. You are a part of that group. This year, the hard work and generosity of bullsugar supporters paid off, and we saw changes to water management that were specific to preventing negative human health effects from toxic algae. This was *big news* and we are grateful to all of you that helped us move the needle. Now we have to keep the pressure on to ensure clean, safe water for all Floridians, every year. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support through this revolutionary water movement. Without it, celebrating the holidays certainly would not be the same. [...]

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Our Own Silent Spring

What’s a Florida resident to do when one of the greatest perks of living in this state--close proximity to the water--becomes a danger to your health? Jody O’Konski has lived on a canals in Fort Myers for nearly three decades. In an interview with Bullsugar, she recounts her time spent along the water among her greatest sources of enjoyment. Somewhere she describes spending countless hours sitting or strolling along with her family and her dog, Duke. Somewhere she can watch the dolphins and the birds and take in the scenery that makes this place such an iconic paradise for so many. But in 2018 her perspective changed. A terrible odor filled the air and the canal in her back yard filled [...]

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Today is #GivingTuesday!

Happy #GivingTuesday! In the next 1,440 minutes, we'd like to ask Bullsugar supporters to support the fight for clean water in the biggest way possible. With your help, we hope to protect the only Everglades in the world for generations to come. This Giving Tuesday, your gift can go even further when you make a donation through the Patagonia Action Works profile page for our affiliate organization, Friends of the Everglades. Now through the end of the year, our partners at Patagonia are matching donations made to Friends of the Everglades in full! CLICK HERE or click the "gift of giving" graphic below to make a matched donation today!  Giving Tuesday ends at midnight. As the clock runs out, we need you [...]

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We’re Thankful For You

On this Thanksgiving Day, we’re thankful for you. Because of Bullsugar supporters like you, the fight for clean water has only gotten stronger. Much of what we do would not be possible without the support we receive from all across Florida and even beyond the confines of the state. This year, thanks to your support and participation: We finally have leaders at the highest levels willing to acknowledge and combat the corruption and mismanagement destroying this precious public resource and threatening public health. We finally have a water management district that’s putting people before special interests and using sound science to help make informed water management decisions in the best interests of human health and the environment. We have thousands [...]

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