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Political Courage Can Fix Florida’s Water Crisis

Political courage can fix Florida’s water crisis. No longer should Floridians tolerate threats to their health from outdated water-management policy that neglects their best interest. Environmental degradation contributes to the collapse of community businesses and threatens to end a way of life, tied to the water, and deeply ingrained in generations of residents and visitors. There is a way forward. And Florida voters hold the key. We’re already seeing a glimpse of the success that’s possible. Thanks to insistent pressure by the public and a few courageous lawmakers, the Army Corps is changing the way they manage Lake Okeechobee specifically to prevent harmful health effects from toxic algae. To ensure real relief to communities that suffer year after year, we [...]

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Florida Primary Election Clean-Water Voter Guides Are Here!

Clean-water voter guides are now available at VoteWater.org. We need your help: Please share them with everyone you know who cares about clean water. VoteWater volunteers surveyed candidates running for office in coastal areas of Florida for their stances on five major issues facing water quality in the state. Answers to the surveys as well as other considerations helped us rate candidates in nearly every major race in 14 counties. The guides are organized by county, they include Democrats and Republicans committed to solving Florida's water crisis, and they highlight individuals who have made a commitment to challenging the status quo. Florida's primary election day is fast-approaching. We've taken some of the homework out of the equation to help you [...]

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VoteWater Releases First 10 Water Warrior Endorsements

The latest from the VoteWater front https://youtu.be/t-zSP4e1obI The VoteWater campaign hits the big screen with a statewide television campaign set to begin airing the first week of July on Fox Sports Sun. The commercial will air four times a week from July thru November. Fox Sports Sun, with over 8-million households in the state, hosts the most popular fishing and outdoor blocks of programming in the state. It is also home to several professional sports teams, such as the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic. The commercial, which was produced by Stuart based production company Deep See Visuals, includes "I Vote Water" testimonials from a variety of people who care about the water. Spotlighting business owners, a mother and a doctor, [...]

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Bullsugar Announces Debut of Clean Water Election Site, VoteWater.org

Today, Bullsugar.org is proud to announce the debut of a new initiative, Vote Water, that will spearhead our clean-water voter guides for the 2020 election season. VoteWater.org is a nonpartisan, grassroots effort designed to help Floridians identify clean-water candidates committed to policymaking that addresses Florida’s toxic bloom crises and the restoration of America’s Everglades. We can’t fix our water problems unless we fix the politics that created them. CLICK HERE TO BECOME A BULLSUGAR.ORG MEMBER! “The Vote Water campaign is a critically important effort to help voters focus on the protection and restoration of the Everglades, Florida Bay, rivers and coastal estuaries when considering candidates at the local, state and federal level during the 2020 elections,” Bullsugar board member Ray [...]

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Happy #GivingTuesdayNow – A Day of Global Giving!

Today is #GivingTuesdayNow! For 24 hours, #GivingTuesdayNow is a chance for people everywhere to stand together in unity by powering the movements that they care about, even amidst all the strangeness and uncertainty resulting from COVID-19. Floridians know that improving Florida’s water quality is a political problem and it requires a political solution. The science is settled. The time to fix the problem is now. At Bullsugar.org, we are doubling down on efforts to ensure that Florida voters will have a tool to help them identify clean water candidates at the state, local, and federal levels in the upcoming election. With your help, we can fuel a movement that puts the right politicians into office to turn the tide of [...]

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#GivingTuesdayNow is One Week From Today!

Election season is coming! Your feedback has been loud and clear — no matter the changes happening in the world as a result of the coronavirus, people still care about protecting Florida’s most precious resources. Floridians are ready to Vote Water in 2020. With your help, we’re going to help make sure that happens. We are exactly one week away from #GivingTuesdayNow. The 24-hour giving event, happening May 5th, is a global day of giving inspired by the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. This is your chance to support important efforts to educate the public and protect our waterways despite all distractions. Right now, we’ve got a dedicated team building the basework for a nonpartisan, grassroots initiative that will help [...]

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The Latest From the Clean-Water Front

Because of the unusual times, we may be showing up less in your inbox right now but we’re here to assure you that we’ve had our heads down working to bring Bullsugar supporters some of our most important projects. An update on the 2020 Clean Water Voter Guides We remain determined to help Florida voters elect politicians that will confront the sugarcane industry's impact on Florida water policy and will fight back against the status quo. We’re hard at work with a group of water advocacy leaders from around the state, creating nonpartisan voter guides which will identify candidates committed to policymaking that addresses water-management-related health issues and the restoration of America’s Everglades. The guides will fulfill a unique niche [...]

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“Voting Water” Still Matters in 2020

We are who we are because of you. Over the past 6 years, Bullsugar has relied on an army of grassroots support, in Florida and across the country, to fight the state’s most pressing water issues. We’ve asked you to show up at legislative hearings, at Army Corps and Water Management District meetings, at local government events, and at community gatherings to tell your stories and ask hard questions. You never let us down. The coronavirus has changed the way business functions. In order to prioritize as much attention and support as possible to the projects central to our mission, we will be making some changes in the coming weeks. The most visible change will be the frequency of this [...]

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The Beat Goes On…

A peek into the Everglades reminds us that spring flowers are blossoming, completely indifferent to the events of the world. Every person on Earth is watching to see what happens as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve. As alarming as that may feel, it’s also a powerful reminder that we’re in this together. Even amidst the chaos, the beat goes on. As you read this, the Army Corps of Engineers is assessing new ideas and desired outcomes for the Lake Okeechobee System Operating Manual, which will influence the condition of our waters for years to come. Nonprofits, elected officials, and government agencies on the Project Delivery Team for LOSOM are helping to shape a new management schedule for Lake Okeechobee. [...]

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Caloosahatchee Advocate Joins Bullsugar Board

Bullsugar has a strong new ally: our newest board member, former Lee County Commissioner Ray Judah. Ray brings deep experience in environmental advocacy, particularly in Southwest Florida, that is sure to add an inspiring presence to the Bullsugar team. As a former environmental land planner with the Lee County Department of Community Development and with 24 years of experience as a Lee County Commissioner (1988-2012) he remains a strong advocate for providing a balance between management of growth and responsible stewardship of our precious natural resources. Ray isn’t new to the fight for clean water. He spent many years establishing himself as a thorn in the side of polluters. He has spoken out regularly at environmental gatherings and water management [...]

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